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February 4, 2007

What Matters Most In Life

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What Matters Most In Life
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Most of us go on with our lives without a clear goal – and without clear priorities. Perhaps some have become tired of not being able to hit their goals in the past, and have become disappointed for so many times – that leaving it all up to destiny or to a higher, divine power seems to be the better choice.

These unclear goals would affect how we see our lives and how we continue on living. Our priorities will also be as blurry. These will lead us to ask: “What matters most in life really?”

What matters most in life is determined by what we consider to be valuable to us. If we hold it dearly above else, then it would become the center of our lives – and all our efforts would be guided by it. All our decisions will also be based on the effect these will have on what we label as important in our lives.

For some, what matters most in life are their careers. They feel their lives will be better off with successful careers. Excelling in one’s field becomes an obsession, and failure on it will not be acceptable. To extremists, their careers become their lives – and nothing could come in between, not even their families and special people in their lives.

There are also those people that consider their families to be the center of their lives. What matters most in life for them, is a healthy and happy family. They love their families so much, that no amount of money can take their attentions away from them. They are so bent in protecting their families, that nothing can lure them to give their loved-ones up.

What matters most in life for some, is Jesus. They place Him front and center. All decisions and actions are based on what Jesus would have done, if He were in their places. They live life with the Bible guiding their way. They love walking the higher path – unpopular by most, but the right thing to do. Pleasing the Lord is their drive and making Him happy is their pleasure. They put their trust, faith and confidence in God Almighty – knowing that He should matter in everybody’s lives.

How about you? What matters most in your life?

Perhaps the best way to go about this is to understand that our lives in this world are temporary. We are just borrowing these from a divine power who will someday ask for these back. So when it comes to determining what matters most in life, our attention should be directed to those that are more permanent – and those that will have a lasting effect, either to humanity or to our individual souls.

Making a difference to humanity will outlive the temporary life you have. Starting on your own family would be a very good way to start. And as you continue on to embrace those outside as part of your extended family, you will certainly make a difference to many more lives. And all these are only possible if you have placed Jesus in the driver’s seat of your life. So what do you think should matter most in your life right now? Or should I say, WHO should?

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Internet Business Opportunities

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Internet Business Opportunities
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Many are looking for a chance to become rich. An attractive business opportunity is grabbed upon quickly in the hope that this will finally lead one to financial freedom. Oftentimes decisions are made hastily, investing on business opportunities that do not have the potential to yield high returns – or worst, being victimized by scams.

Over the web, Internet business opportunities abound. Just doing a search regarding the topic, would list out a lot of online businesses to choose from. These ranges from affiliate programs, turnkey websites, reseller hosting, online stores and many more. And reading each of these Internet business opportunities excites you so much, that you would easily be tempted to join in – and possibly cash in, on the almost instant cash these businesses often claim to be able to give out.

Promises – lots of it – are written on the sales pitches of these Internet business opportunities. These are so well written and well planned to charm the readers, that they are so effective in getting people from all walks of life to sign up, join in – and perhaps, even pay some amount to avail of the business opportunity they offer.

Many are indeed captivated by these Internet business opportunities. The claims are just so perfect, that missing on the chance may prove to be detrimental to our part – so we usually think. There are even online businesses of the type, that pressures you to make a decision right away – “valuable offer will last only until midnight, act now and start living the life of your dreams…” – and if you buy this sales closing tactic, they have succeeded in luring you in.

Legal and fair Internet business opportunities should not be like this. They should be able to give you some time to evaluate their business offering without time pressure, and without need for such cheap gimmickry. A smart individual can easily detect this, and will find this marketing approach insulting.

It is thus best that one should not give in to impulse – and should take the time to evaluate thoroughly any online business opportunity. Yes, the offers may be very tempting, with seemingly lots of bonus products included, high discounts and more – if you act right away. But why should you act hastily? Logic tells you otherwise.

The offering may indeed be very valuable, and that specific online business opportunity may indeed be authentic – but at this age and time – it is not that viable to risk investing on businesses, based on impulse manipulated by catchy and flowery words that can be found in almost all sales letters.

Always take time to find out more about the Internet business opportunities that present itself to you. Do some research, ask around and go to forums to check on how some have faired out with their business offering. You may just find a lot more information that can help you come up with a wise decision. Indeed, they say that risks come along with any type of business, but make sure that yours is a well-calculated one.

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The Best Management Style

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The Best Management Style
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How would you like your boss to be? What traits do you want him to possess? What management style do you prefer him to have? What is yours? Which do you consider to be the best management style?

There are many management styles that one can use. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose or whatever management style you have, it will not always be fail-proof – and it will not always guarantee success for you. There is just no perfect management style that will always work, as many factors come into play.

The specific situation you are in, the people around you and the unique circumstances around will play a role if your management style will work effectively or not. Certain organizational cultures may fit to your style, but not all will. That is why some managers are so successful in one organization, but shifting to another company would lose his charm and effectiveness.

A manager must then be able to feel it out, before employing a specific management style. This may sound impossible to traditional managers who have been accustomed to getting their way at any cost – even if other ideas are much better than his. Such may have worked before, but this may not be the case in most organizations today.

Today’s generation calls for a manager that is flexible and can adapt well to a continually changing culture. The dynamics inside organizations today are moving so fast, that conventional managers who are not open to change will be at a loss.

Young, intelligent and talented individuals have steadily made their marks over the years, posing a threat to managers who are not responsive to the needs of the times. The young professionals of today, are just so willing to take on higher responsibilities entrusted to them. And they are surely competitive enough, to give the old timers in management a good fight.

The best management style then is one that can adapt well according to the specific case at hand. As they say, ‘different strokes for different folks’ – so why stick to one management style to handle different people in your department with varying personalities?

Each needs to be handled differently. A good manager should be able to know how to distinguish one personality from the other, and how to approach each appropriately. In giving praises for a job well done, some would want it to be done in public while others want it done as private as possible. The same holds true in giving criticisms, the personality of the individual concerned must be considered. The positive working relationships you build with your people will be key to your success.

The best management style is one that you come up with for a particular situation. You adjust according to what is required at hand. You innovate based on your experience and gut feel. You use all your senses and wisdom to use the best management style for that particular moment. Whatever this management style is called doesn’t matter, what is important is that – it works.

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